Mr. Anillo


Joseph Williams, Reporter

Juan Anillo, a native of Miami Florida, is a history teacher at IPS School 43. His parents are from Cuba. They left there to settle in Florida, where they started a family.

This is what he had to say about being a child of immigrants: “I don’t know what it’s like not being the child of immigrants because that is all I know. It wasn’t until we moved to Atlanta when I was in second and third grade that I realized I was different than everyone else. I didn’t understand why. I was too young.”

Mr. Anillo’s  first choice for a career was to be a football coach. But his education took him in another direction. He studied law for two years at Georgia State University, but changed his mind and became a teacher.

After graduating from Georgia State, he taught school in several states. He enjoys teaching history. “I love teaching history. Especially ancient history, going back to the Stone Age, the Greeks the Romans. I’m really not that interested in modern history, except maybe World War I and World War II.”

Mr. Anillo admits that he didn’t always like history. “I despised history in high school,” he said. He learned to like it after taking a class from a “really, really good teacher” in college.

Mr. Anillo also admits he doesn’t like to deal with “disruptions and distractions” in his classroom, and worries that students are not looking toward their future.

Mr. Anillo still enjoys sports in his spare time and likes to garden and clean the pool.

Married, he has four children. Tragically, one was killed in a car accident. But one son just graduated from college, and he has two daughters at Indiana University.

He has a saying that he likes: “Those who don’t learn history are forced to repeat it.”