Ms. Christa


Jamya Members, Reporter

Christa Goebes is a nurse at IPS School 43. The nurse practitioner has curly hair and she wears blue scrubs.

In her office she has pictures of how to stay healthy and lots of paper in her binders. She also has two beds in her office including a scale to weigh people, tissues, and hand soap.

Ms Goebes had been a nurse at Riley Hospital for Children for eight years working in the emergency room, before she came to 43 two years ago.

She grew up in the suburbs with her parents and her one brother. She went to college at Indiana University .

She is now married with four children and she loves to hang out with them along with her other family members.

Ms. Goebes is outgoing, likes to be active at all times, and loves to learn new things. In the future she plans to be a boss or still be a nurse practitioner.

She became a nurse because she wants people to know more about their health, and she enjoys “telling people about their illnesses.”