Ms. Herdman


Aundrielle Davidson, Reporter

Julie Herdman loves her job at School 43 as a gym teacher. It is her first year at the school. She was previously at School 19.

Ms. Herdman said she enjoys her job because “I like to play all day,” and she likes working out.

She said working out is “not just sit ups, push ups and running.” Working out to Ms. Herdman can be dancing and might even include playing a game with students.

Ms. Herdman grew up on the south side of Indianapolis. “We lived in a big house with a big yard,'” she said. Her mom was a stay-at-home mom and her dad worked at a factory. She has two sisters. She went to University of Indianapolis.

She said things have changed a lot since she was young. “Back then our society was calmer and there was less hate in the world,” said Ms. Herdman.

When she is not at school, Ms. Herdman likes gardening, lawn work and hiking. She hopes to do a lot of traveling in the future.