Interview – Mr. Albert Young

Aaliyah Fleming, Reporter

As a young man, Albert Young health teacher at School 43, was involved in sports and liked to be active.

“It is important for everyone to have a healthy lifestyle,” he said. His other goals were to become a professional athlete and a health teacher. He graduated from Springfield Valley High School in New York.

After college at Anderson University in Indiana, he played professional baseball. He was a member of the Seguin Toros in Texas. The team played in the small town of Seguin and lasted only one year.

1976 Seguin Toros


When the team folded, he followed his backup plan, which was to be a health teacher and was inspired by his high school physical health teacher.

The motto Mr. Young lives by is: “Inspire, impact and influence someone.”

His hobby after a day at School 43 is to work out, and he does professional training and bodybuilding.

Reporter’s note: Late in the school year, Mr. Young moved to Arsenal Tech and is a culture and climate specialist.