2018-2019 Staff

Ashyne James


Ashyne is in 7th grade and he loves to do math. Ashyne's favorite sport is basketball. He can make weird noises and he joined journalism club because he wanted to try something new....

Jareece Stewart



Royce Williams



Jai'Lah Gibson


Jai'Lah is in the 7th grade. She enjoys playing basketball. One day she would like to play for the Fever. Jai'Lah played on the elementary basketball team in 6th grade. Jai'Lah joined Journalism because she loves to take pict...

Aundrielle Davidson


Aundrielle is 13 years old and she like to dance and take pictures. So she joined journalism so she can get a head start on doing photography. She also likes to play a little bit of sports. Aundrielle come from a big family of ...

Jamya Members


Jamya is a 13 year old girl who is in the 7th grade. She comes from a big family and she is the only girl, her favorite thing to do is dance,sing and color. She joined journalism because she like the opportunities that wou...

Atiya Miller


Atiya Miller is twelve years old born August 16, 2006 . Ever since she was 6 years old she loved writing of all sorts. She started off with song writing and  then to poems followed by stories, now hopefully to Journalism. A...

Aaliyah Fleming


Aaliyah Fleming is a young 15 old girl at JWR learning about Journalism and who loves to write poems and stories. She join Journalism because she wanted to become a great book writer and take great pictures. One little thing...

Randall McKnight


Randall McKnight goes to school 43. He joined journalism because he wanted to see what it's like to write and use cameras. His hobbies are drawing & video games. His favorite things are food & music.

Jordan MacMillan


Jordan is a junior at Ball State University studying journalism education. One day, she hopes to be a journalism adviser at an Indianapolis school. She enjoys to writing, taking pictures, traveling, and reading. Fun fact: In ...